Siberian larch

Siberian larch is beautiful, brownish-red wood with light wavy interior. The average age of the wood is around 150 years, while the sturdy wood is about 200-400 years old. The extracts (resin, resin and minerals) contained from the evergreen do make it a naturally durable wood. Untreated larch retains its fresh hue indoors and changes to grey in outdoor use, turns over time. It is environmentally friendly and a good alternative to, for example, wood structures with lasting benefits as out- as indoor uses. The average weight of dried wood is 660kg / m3 and 800kg / m3 when naturally dried.


* larch log houses, terraces, floor and roof structures,

* sauna floors and inside panels

* garden furniture, park benches

* pierce

* green area construction

* Log construction

* children’s playgrounds