hand made frames

We provide assistance in design and materials. Scarcity of arctic-dried pine wood makes it impossible to standardize manufacturing different types of modules. Each log is unique and different in length and size. That is where our designer’s 36 years of expertise proves invaluable – our “house doctor” knows how to fit logs of different sizes into a strict geometry of your cabin-structure. “Well planned is half done”, human wisdom says.

Solexo Oy is a versatile organization focused to make a finest quality final product of arctic freeze-dried pine wood by doing every stages of technological process professionally with meticulous attention to detail. We continually hone our competencies. We believe it is the only way to excellence. We make your dreams come true.


Our craftsmen custom-tailor highest quality wooden units designed according to your individual order, be it a grill-hut, sauna or cottage. Freeze-dried pine-wood will only underscore uniqueness and elegance of your personal style, your individuality.